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Amy and Vee: a moment in time

Amy Bisazza and Vaishnavi Brassey Live at St Leonard's Church Open Mic, Marston Bigot

5th December 2021

Open Mic's...fertile ground for music and expression....Musicians can express themselves and try out new songs with a ready made audience; pub open mic's are often noisy, restricted and distracting and community halls can have poor acoustics, but there is a new breed in town....the ambience and acoustics of a living church. One fantastic venue has been created at St Leonard's Church, Marston Bigot. Some super musicians have been attracted to the first two events, which continue monthly in 2022 on Sunday afternoons. With brilliant acoustics, a warm welcoming ambience plus air and space for social distancing, music and art is showcased to a listening audience. On 5th December 21, Music Eye captured a performance from duo Amy Bisazza and Vaishnavi Brassey which will give you a flavour...

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