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Azhaar Saffar: Houses of the Sun

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

"Houses of the Sun": Video produced during lockdown in Costa Rica: released 24th June 2020

Violinist/vocalist Azhaar Saffar has swept our world with music that swirls you into soft breezes, azure waves and warm white sands with a feelgood Latin vibe. The Latin jazz fusion came to us first through her previous band, Sirius B and recently with her latest band, Global Wave. Azhaar, a previous resident of Frome, departed months ago to Winter in Costa Rica but found herself stranded on the beach! Corona virus doesn't care where you get trapped, but whilst there she was inspired to edit together her own video of "House of the Sun", a Sirius B track, with contributions from musicians across the world performing in their own isolation.

A beautiful video accentuating the glory of the far away beaches of Costa Rica...I tip my Panama hat to this song, with Flute, Piano and Vocals giving an extra lift to soar above a true global wave of sound, sparkling in the sun.

see more on Facebook: Azhaar Saffar

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