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Becky Lawrence: her inner sun shines over the fields of British Country music

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Music Eye exclusive interview and see her singles on the links

Its been quite a journey from a northern island surrounded by Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, and lapped by the waves of an unforgiving Irish Sea, but the Isle of Man's Becky Lawrence sampled the bright lights of London and has now found herself in the West Country and the emerging talent of British Country music is powering up.

Having worked with award-winning Country singer/songwriter Danny McMahon, songwriting mentor Hugh Webber of Zephyr Hill Music and now producer David Griffin, Becky's new songs are flowing and creating waves in the British Country scene. Her recent singles, "Wasted on You" and "Empty Friendships" is followed by "You Say" and hit No 1 on the i-tunes World country chart on 27th July.......See more on Facebook

She has also recently forayed into a synth pop collaboration with "Find your Fortune"

Music Eye has seen and filmed Becky live in the not too distant past at the Schtumm venue in Box, Wiltshire and we know it is a live voice to be savoured and reckoned with...and just love her hats!

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