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Brighter Days are on their way...

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The idea behind this latest release from Sara Vian, co-written with our very own Chris Watson and featuring David Setterfield from Strange Folk, is to share hope and positivity; its underlying theme is aligned with its cause - to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind in Somerset*

Images of joyful animals and pertinent points in nature are tinged with purple and yellow, counterbalancing the moody graveyards in stark black and white which create an initial feeling of gloom. But then in-keeping with the underlying theme, the elevated perspective of natural landscapes lifts the soul as we begin to unravel the meaning of Brighter Days

Cover art by Julie-Anne Cook from Bruton

The overall effect of the visuals, which vary in their shades of grey or droplets of colour, give off an ethereal quality typical of this profound singer; her husky voice entices the listener to engage and adds a reflective dimension to the video medium which encourages us to explore the concept of Hope and (Eastern!) Promise, all skilfully accompanied by the playful tones of Setterfield’s classical guitar concluding to induce a brighter mood which satiates us with the culmination of the simple and elegant snowdrop bursting into life.

*Watch the video again and donate to MIND in Somerset!

About the artists

Sara Vian’s debut EP earned the title of Frome's fastest-selling local independent artist, she has performed with Peewee Ellis and supported Martha Tilston. Sara also hosts the Frome Music Industry Network and co-writes reviews for Music Eye.

David Setterfield is the guitarist in folk-rock band, Strange Folk

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