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Cavalcade: Indie on a roll with sparkling riffs and gritty songs

The Pilton Stage, Somerset, 25th January 2020

The Somerset mists were blown away by East London Indie band, Cavalcade, who we saw at the Pilton Stage 2020 competition on 25th January 20. It is anthemic Indie underlined by their energy on stage, with sparkling guitar riffs enhancing the gritty lyrical delivery....emerging they are and driven along by festivals, sell-out gigs and media reviews.

We played their 2019 single "Blueness is a heavy stone", on Somer Valley FM Music Expo on 3rd Feb 20, which the band says "is about finding what makes you happy and cherishing the moments in which you are free from the shackles of your mind – it’s a positive message that’s totally inspired by our own experiences as a band".

Well, they inspired us to put some video clips together......

see more on Facebook at: @CavalcadeBand

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