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Dora Lachaise: The Confession

New single review: "I Confess" by Dora Lachaise, March 2021

Dora Lachaise lives in an attic overlooking Bristol's Arnos Vale Cemetery, where she wanders often to gain inspiration for her dark songs that echo through your mind with a voice as smooth as the darkest chocolate. Following her first single "Bone Collector", Dora now tells the hidden story of Mary Magdalene with "I Confess" a song of such silky darkness, yet with heavenly harmonies that whisk you into the infinite skies above. It was inspired by a statue of Mary Magdalene.

See Music Eye's Interview , exploring the background of her songs with video teasers of both singles...and meet the Woman behind them.........Hear "I Confess" here

see more @doralachaise

Saint Mary Magdalene, The Louvre

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