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Emily Breeze blowing hauntingly through your mind...

Emily Breeze @ Schtumm, Queen's Head, Box, 27th Sep 2019

Having missed the launch of her new album “Rituals” at the Loco Klub in Bristol, destiny did however, open up the way to Emily's show at the Queen's Head in Box where they’ve created an authentically cool live music scene called “Schtumm”.

Schtumm is hosted by a hearty South African gentleman who wears a technicolour dream-coat, and held in either in a marquee outside or the back room in the pub where the sound of the full drum-kit on the small stage surprisingly did not deafen us; in fact the sound is excellent and they also film the gig which is then available to view at [and Youtube]; and there is a waiter who comes in to take your drink order regularly!

In true rock n roll style, you could sense Emily's presence before she entered the room with her Patti Smith-esque long (black) hair and fur-adorned leather coat – “the lovechild of P.J Harvey and Johnny Cash” (Sunday Times) with white and gold guitar.

Performing was a breeze for Emily and with great self-possession and a charismatic voice, she addressed subjects such as the programmed weariness of institutionalised society – slavery, poverty, sleaze and disappointment woven together into poetry.

Having heard it live and listened to her album online, a track that stands out to me is “Ego Death” - Ego is the stumbling block of all of us and I understand her intent; it's a really well-produced track both live and on record. In fact, Emily Breeze’s originality is a force to be reckoned with and Music Eye will be looking out for her success.

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