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En- Meshed by the Power of the Electronic Soundscape....2020 beckons Mesh

Mesh: Bristol's synth pop heroes @ The Pilton Stage, Somerset, 30th November 2019

Ever since Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric", the Human League (from my own Sheffield homeland), Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and a host of others, I have been enamoured by the power of the Synthesiser. Synth Pop is still alive and Music Eye filmed Frome's own Sweet Machine on 10th January at the Bennett Centre, Frome.

Incidentally, I came across Bristol Band Mesh for the first time at the Pilton Stage 2020 Heat 2 recently - they were joint winners and will play in the final on 28th March 2020 for a place at Glastonbury 2020. Mesh are big in Germany and Scandinavia but recognition in Britain has eluded them so is a taste of their live performance.... I tried but can't reduce the bass without reducing the dynamic of the performance - besides I quite like it... see and hear more:

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