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Family: A Strange Band....Not to be Forgotten

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Fortunate that live performances below, such as "good news bad news" were captured for posterity

Progressive folk rock? maybe, but what makes this band really stand out is their timeless songs and great charisma when playing live.

Family were driven by songwriters, Roger Chapman with his cult vibrato vocals that, although described by one wag as a demented goat, were actually very powerful, unique and striking; along with Charlie Whitney on his double-necked Gibson electric guitar, using both 12 and 6 strings in live performances, and John Weider who also played occasionally on a double-necked bass - an amazing sight that looked authentically special.

Family dissolved in the mid-70's but are not forgotten, nor should they be. Their live performances were not slick, just real power created in those seconds of life that will not fade, and inspiring the idea that we could all be one family if you were looking from a high enough place; themes that can apply to all.

You can make your own minds up, there is still plenty to see on Youtube including the two double necks on the live "In my own time" and check their signature song, “The Weaver's Answer” , covering life, death, regeneration and the renewal of life is based on the mythological story of “Arachne and Athena” and remains a classic but unsettling song due to its breakneck pace to the final end.

However, Music Eye is all about the dynamics of live performances so we have chosen another song "Good News Bad News", lyrically short but a timeless call to closed ears. We have only found live versions and highlight two Youtube versions - one is poor quality compared to Today's tech, but at least captured and for comparison, another great and complete live audio performance which was published on LP/CD.

According to a source in wikipedia "they are often seen as an unjustly forgotten act", so let's not forget.

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