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Feature: Timeless lyrics reflecting new beginnings and a Rebellion

U2: New Year's Day: from the album, War, 1983

Written by Chris Watson

This song has resonated with me over the years and stayed with me. Released in 1983, U2 glowed with power on stage with shocks of 80's hair. One of my heroes, The Edge, really did have a unique edge to his guitar play as evident on this song. I never tire of hearing it.

The lyric had its origins in a love song from Bono to his wife, but was subsequently reshaped and inspired by the Polish Solidarity movement; but my point is that the sign of a great song is lyrics that we can identify with and continue to translate timelessly to any situation where there are basic truths and aspirations of our own being, whether as groups or individuals.

Yes, nothing seems to change much with each New Year's Day as the old order continues, but with the rise of Global consciousness against the ruin of the Planet and peaceful movements such as Extinction Rebellion to change our World back to how it should be, maybe we won't have to keep beginning again.

Although edgy, the song is powerful,optimistic and exciting; I have added the lyrics below for you to decide....

Yeah All is quiet on New Year's Day A world in white gets underway I want to be with you Be with you, night and day Nothing changes on New Year's Day On New Year's Day I will be with you again I will be with you again Under a blood red sky A crowd has gathered in black and white Arms entwined, the chosen few The newspapers says, says Say it's true, it's true And we can break through Though torn in two We can be one I, I will begin again I, I will begin again Oh, oh (repeated 6 times) Ah, maybe the time is right Oh, maybe tonight I will be with you again I will be with you again And so we're told this is the golden age And gold is the reason for the wars we wage Though I want to be with you, be with you Night and day Nothing changes On New Year's Day (repeated twice) Songwriters: Dave Evans / Larry Mullen / Adam Clayton / Paul Hewson New Year's Day lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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