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Fey Militia: Stylishly fresh Indie with a Blondie-esque touch

Fey Militia @ Glastonbury Calling 2020, Glastonbury, Somerset, 29th February 2020

Captured by the Music Eye emerging talent patrol, we enjoyed editing the video clips of these guys - it is not the layers of inventive guitar from Ollie Bell or the slinky style of Molly Davies, but the songs; the sudden change of tempo into a chorus that has that je ne sais quoi of the innocent pop song which captures the moment with a Blondie-esque laid-back hook which not only appeals to the youth but also takes the more mature generation back to exciting disco days!

There are two videos featured, a shorter express version above for those with less time and an extended version below with extra songs for those with time to indulge....

Hailing from Bristol and the West Midlands, this band are well-rehearsed and have something: dramatic bass lines from Owain Richie and tight, passionate drums from Luke Pilot combined with the fluid and sparkling Indie guitar of Ollie Bell which then morphs into a heavy riff and flashing solos, harmonising perfectly with Molly's laid back and sassy expressive aura of promise!

Fey Militia are known for having songs "everyone could relate to" and they cheer us along with their live performance that should not be missed.

Fey Militia have an EP "Mabel", released in 2019 and we are looking forward to their new material played live in 2020.

see more on Facebook: @FeyMilitia

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