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Gabriel Moreno - The Rock of Gibraltar

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On the far tip of the Iberian peninsula stands a mighty rock which guards the entrance to Mediterranean from the cold vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, with Europe’s mountains and plains behind it and Africa just a tantalising few miles away…

Gabriel Moreno, the Rock of Gibraltar, distils an exotic mix of Spain, North Africa and quaint Old England; a classic poet and musician who currently resides in London.

Hailed as an offshoot of Leonard Cohen by Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6, but with a distinctly charismatic voice and appealing accent which flows over your senses with deep resonance, bringing an intimacy rarely felt with production and melts into the still air around you.

From his first 2015 album, “Love and Decadence” to his latest album, “The Year of the Rat” (2022), Moreno’s songs are sincerely sung from the warmth of his heart, comforting us through the almost unbearably painful challenges of love, life and disappointments and helping us transform them into superdeluxe velvet at the grace of the nadir.

Great empathy and uniquely sensitive insights are framed elegantly and uplifted with the warmth and soul of Spanish guitar; poignant songs which put a metaphorical arm around our shoulders as we stir our cocoa (with a dash of whisky!), bringing comfort, hope and a pocketful of warmth that can accompany us anywhere in the world when we’re feeling alone.

See more at, Bandcamp and all digital platforms.

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