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Garbage Queen: Reigning over multiple layers of sound...

Garbage Queen - New single: Reflection - released 29th Feb 2020

A post-punk track full of pain and angst but pleasantly melodious with a well-defined pop chorus integrated by this Polish born singer/ songwriter, Garbage Queen who is classically trained on piano and violin.

GQ has a refined musical sensitivity which aims to illustrate the emotional damage caused by dysfunctional relationships with a sickening primal scream and roller-coaster ride into her dark tunnel of feelings all tangled up with vocal images (reminiscent of Bjork occasionally) which evoke dark and grimy clubland with fishnets, smudged eyeliner and alcohol abuse, all twisted up with the lost innocence of the fallen child.

Mirrors do reflect physical damage but they can miss the emotional damage inside where the silent scream lays dormant and impotent in depression… but then hopefully (as the end of the video possibly illustrates?) the victim can learn to take back their power and emerge with the choice of forgiveness, crowned, dignified and victorious!

Garbage is not actually rubbish, but multiple layers of discarded objects that were once valuable but now used, abused, broken and discarded like the isolated wounded, damaged by our own kind.

Garbage Queen selects multiple sounds that represent damage and creates something darkly fascinating....I am sure she will develop her sound further.

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