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Gary Moore: Out in the Fields forever....

I go back a way with Gary Moore - it was the single, Parisienne Walkways when he first came to my attention; a rock guitarist who joined Skid Row and Thin Lizzy, and then, after collaborating with Phil Lynott, had a UK hit single "Out in the Fields" (1985).

He went his own way and eventually transformed into pure blues for which he became lauded, but listening more over the years I realise what power and energy he had in his "celtic" days during the mid 80's and that is why I remember him now.

I was shocked when he passed at only 58 as he was an immense talent, teaching himself guitar from the age of 10 in his Northern Ireland bedroom and actually, he could sing and write songs like this anti-war song.

I have always had a penchant for that Irish feel, maybe its my inner celt - I must get my DNA tested as I also like European celtic rock which evokes an ancient continuity of a culture not completeley crushed by the Roman Empire. However, there is a stirring power to songs written in an era of trouble, not only by Gary but also U2 gave us hope and resilience to take us through anything, no matter what the circumstance.

I found a video a couple of years ago that I watch again and again, of Gary Moore in 80's splendour live in Stockholm in 1987. He seemed to get the Swedes going despite their renowned reticence. He took the single "Out in the Fields"and turned it into an interlude of sensitive but rising powerful guitar with a voice that transports me into the mountain peaks of this world and further , let alone the fields; and raises my endorphins to a high level. It is how I would want to play and sing, emerging from the lights like he did and play that riff...on and on and on...

It made No.5 in the UK charts but for one unique live moment, Gary Moore made it special forever.

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