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Get into the True Spirit of Christmas!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It's Christmas! But what should be a time of colourful celebration with our loved ones is more muted this year by the harsh consequences of the global pandemic.

Yes, the “times they are a-changing” but Sara Vian with her unshakeable positive attitude is following her epic song “The Great Pause” with a feisty “gospel-folk-pop” contemporary hymn, "True Spirit of Christmas", which bounces along convincingly with such joyous intent that you just want to join in and get your hands clapping (in a cool way)!

Driven by an uplifting guitar-riff and generally glorious soundtrack from London-based, Giles Read, who also happens to be her bother in law; the song is well- framed and sturdily supports the great melody and powerful rich tones of Sara Vian’s voice, interspersed with sparkly harmonies and convicted [hell]“YEAH!!!”s

Image by Martyn Payne at St John's Church, Frome

The song focusses on human values - love, kindness, freedom, hope and faith that it all will be alright in the end! So despite the hard lessons taught to us by the coronavirus, we must remember that “this too shall pass” and the light will return again (also released on the shortest day) to dispel the hopeless gloom and remind us of the real spirit of joyous celebration (of life), goodwill to all folk and a heart of good-neighbourlyness that comes with feeling abundant (if we count our blessings)!

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