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Gravity Drive: propulsion to the core of our wildlight power...

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Gravity Drive: The Wildlight - album released 21st August 2020

The Dorset Coast, with its seascape of endless possibilities underlined by peace and golden sunsets is further enhanced by Elijah and Eva of the Gravity Drive, a romantic duet living near Bridport who have created beautiful sounds to relay the story of some core truths about our timeless existence.

It is a true "gravity drive" of propulsion into their sonic soundscape of luxuriously warming ambient songs interspersed with soaring compositions and vocals like seagulls spinning over the Jurassic Coast, illustrated by tracks like "Shooting Star", (lead track on Music Eye Radio 18th July 20) and "Wake of the Dawn"

The composition, instrumentation and vocals illustrate how this duo complement each other; a creative relationship which melds together with inspired sharing and a deep sense of spirituality which pervades the anthemic theme and story of how "the Wildlight" characterises the inspiration behind the album.

The first track "Hits like a Fix" has a delicious hook that literally hits like a fix, leaving you addicted to the rest of the album with each aspect of our human journey flowing through it.

The title track, "Wildlight" is about “finding the power within yourself and having the courage to be who you are”, says Elijah, and once this achieved, the single from the album "Kaleidoscope", is about “rearranging your life, going back into yourself, finding out who you are, being authentic and boldly going forward with a new vision”.

Elijah and Ava have “found themselves” with this album and with a fondness of Frome (having played at the Cheese and Grain), offered Music Eye a preview of the album, which is to be released on 21st August; mixed by BRIT award winning producer Chris Potter and just reviewed in MOJO Magazine and supported on Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music. A track from the album has also been shortlisted by Record Store Day UK for the Unsigned competition and another track is being distributed by Rough Trade on a new artist vinyl sample release later in the year.

See website for more: or Soundcloud

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