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Harding McCabe: haunting sounds echoing between the Appalachians and Sicily

Harding McCabe - "Something Real" (debut EP) - Released on 8th November 2019

After launching her solo acoustic Americana debut album "Flight" in 2016, Sue Harding is now playing the electric guitar and has teamed-up with electric mandolin player, Adrian McCabe, to co-write and produce a very different sound for the their debut EP "Something Real", launched at the Crafty Egg in Bristol's buzzing Stokes Croft on 8th November 2019.

Harding's unique voice, range and heartfelt yearning has met its match with McCabe's evocative mandolin to create a hauntingly beautiful sound that still takes in the prairies and backwoods but has now ventured on to scattered and isolated moon-soaked islands of the Mediterranean with their shimmering stars, soft shades and scented, silent pine forests.

It's a vision ignited by my knowledge of the mandolin's origins in Italy in the 18th Century with films such as the Godfather and Captain Corelli's Mandolin capturing the romance of that region.

The mandolin is also used in American Bluegrass music across the Atlantic, and it is from Sicily to the Appalachian mountains that a gentle breeze envelopes me with the lilt of heartbreak, forlorn lost souls and memories of sadness and joy with an occasional edginess that disturbs; a unique and spatial sound evoking silent moments of minds lost in reminiscence whilst warming chilled bones in front of a softly crackling fire.

I have seen them live on three occasions now and overheard comments on the beauty of their delivery. Harding McCabe have created something that is truly unique.

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