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"In the Trees" - Held by Trees (Single Review)

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Back in February 2020, Music Eye wrote a feature on Talk Talk and their iconic song "Life's what you make it" (1985), which highlighted the genius of the band's leader, Mark Hollis and the infectious guitar hooks of David Rhodes who played on that particular track.

Talk Talk went on to produce the landmark albums of “Spirit of Eden” (1988) and "Laughing Stock" (1991) which defined the Post-Rock genre.

Mark Hollis sadly passed away in 2019, but now a year later, the "Held By Trees" project has brought together seven musicians and engineers from those iconic albums to pay tribute to Hollis and an album is also under way which is set to feature the legendary bluesman, Eric Bibb.

"In The Trees" has no vocals; it is purely ambient and instrumental Post-Rock with a Jazz tinge which draws you into a soundscape and evokes feelings of peace and grace, dappled with sunlight along a tree-lined path firmly supported by a steady drumbeat which hypnotically guides your footsteps.

The limited edition CD single is released on 22nd April 21 and includes a second track "Next to Silence"

Find out more at Bandcamp and Facebook and

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