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Invisible Eyes: Looking Through the World

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Invisible Eyes @ the Bruton Castle, Bruton, Somerset, 18th January 2020

With a solid rock foundation of bass and drums to bounce off, Frome's Dan Harper displayed a mastery of guitar and voice effects to create a punkadelic world for a throbbing and dancing Bruton Castle.

Hawkwind-ish psych sounds mixed with post-punk gave the audience something to dance about and lyrics to think about. The band has been press reviewed several times following release of the "Searching for Crows" album in 2019 which got them into the California Rocker best of 2019 listing.

The band played tracks from the album, but like one or two other tracks played on this night, we also heard their newest track, "Fox", which has echoes of the dub of the Rastafari and I know has strong roots in Ethiopia where Dan spent 8 years as an Aid worker.

Ethiopia, an ancient country with its Christian Coptic church (that was already well established when the British still worshipped pagan gods), has a complex diversity of sounds from African rhythms to Jazz and a booming Avante Garde Electronic music scene; and Invisible Eyes' world influenced off-centre mix is unique and another arrow to Frome's musical bow.

See more on Facebook: @InvisibleEyesBand

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