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James - The Magnificent 7 telling it how it is...

Manchester band, James, now have 15 albums, their last one, "Living in Extraordinary Times" came out in 2018. Yet live performances remain central to them and they are touring again in July 2020, but in celebration of their 35 years and still selling out wherever they go, we will highlight one of their 250 songs.

They are not a "heritage band" and don't play their greatest hits on every live event, but that way it keeps things fresh. Many of us know "Sit Down" and its one of those songs that you can identify with at some troubled stage in your life...a sort of we are all in it together comfort song that is rousing and inspiring...a touch of genius songwriting where the chorus pops out of your mind when needed...

However, we have chosen another timeless classic song "getting away with it" from their 9th album "Pleased to meet you ", which has a superb driving bass line and according to Songfacts " despite efforts to improve on their first take, they could never capture the feel of the first time they played it, and that first attempt was the one they used. It's a bit out of tune and imperfect, but the chaotic vibe fits the song perfectly, and it was chosen as the single" ...we have chosen a live video from 2009 with an inspiring build up...

Again we can identify with the theme as we are getting away with it all messed up because we're human and flawed. According to Songfacts........depending on they way you process the words, it could be a warning against overindulgence, a look at surviving life on the edge, or a commentary on how you can always turn your life around. James vocalist Tim Booth, who wrote the lyrics, has explained that the character Daniel in the song saves a woman named Grace from drowning, and adds, "He doesn't realise that in saving her he's really saving himself."

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