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Josie has a field day in Frome....

Josie Field @ The Archangel, Frome - 6th July 2019 (Frome Festival)

Having been trapped on the M32 out of Bristol for an hour, I thought I was going to miss Josie Field, but an Archangel cleared the road and I made it for some of her set; and I was glad I did as she had a strong, sassy voice with catchy original songs and vocal arrangements that kept you wanting more.

After a ten-year career and five albums, singer/songwriter Josie Fields, is an accomplished performer with a winning smile and clearly enjoyed playing solo. For some reason, her look reminded me of one of those serenely, all knowing elven princess characters from Lord of the Rings - a far cry from her native South Africa, which she left to seek new influences and a wider audience in the UK.

The Archangel has an ancient feel within its walled garden and maybe that gave the middle earth feel. An attentive audience listened to her confident performance and although in popular venues background noise pervades, Josie soared above it on what was a fine night at the start of the Frome Festival.

Talking to Josie afterwards, she is as charming as an elven princess, but also down to earth; she now lives and works on a narrow boat on one of the canals cutting through the "Middle Lands" of Birmingham, where in fact, elf creator Tolkien was brought up!

Until she returns to Frome again, you can find out more at:

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