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Kelsey Bovey is Not Scared Anymore!

Bristol's emerging Country Pop talent already hitting the charts and caught Live and interviewed by Music Eye on 7th June 2020

Kelsey Bovey was one of the first artists played on Frome FM’s “Music Eye Radio”! A country-pop singer from Bristol, she has two EPs, “It’s my Time” and "I'm Not Scared Anymore" under her belt; and now two singles recently released - "Define Me”, which got to number 29 in the Singer/Songwriter iTunes Charts and "Magnetic" which reached No 2 in the iTunes Country chart! Described as one of Duggystone Radio’s “emerging artists to watch”, Kelsey has recently been taken on by Scarlet River Management and is aiming high.

Kelsey started singing at 8 years old, developing her talent to become the happy, confident musician she is now despite suffering bullying in her teens because of her music; but, she has come through to share her stories of struggle and triumph with the intention of helping to inspire and empower other young people facing difficulties and which is now proving so popular!

If people can relate to your experiences and emotions then you have a connection and can build a following. I personally related to some beautifully-produced songs, created locally, a couple of years back, which inspired me to start writing and I have not looked back! I’m sure Kelsey’s connection with her listeners is spurring her on.

Following an online live solo performance during lockdown on 7th June, Music Eye now presents the edited version with an exclusive interview post performance.

See more on Facebook: @kelseyboveyuk and Instagram: kelseyboveyuk

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