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Los Grebos

Review by Chris Watson and Sara Vian

Los Grebos’ performance at 23 Bath Street in Frome on 2nd March 2019 was impressive! An authentically “cool”, “wild” and yes, “groovy” atmosphere hung in the air; the result of a seemingly well-rehearsed and well-crafted set of rare cover songs along with the more popular "stepping stone" by The Monkees, which even we recognised; sang with utter conviction and enthusiasm, and together with the atmospheric lighting, looked and sounded glorious!

In a tweet about their first gig back in December at The Granary in Frome, we'd looked at their poster with the glamorous blonde at the centre and imagined Lady Penelope of the iconic 60's series “Thunderbirds” turning up for this feast of 60's “punky garage”! But alas no sign of Penelope this time ‘round but many others did turn out and some even dared to dance!

“Los Grebos”, a homage to “greasers” with the spirit of “ole!”and even the odd relic of Jim Morrison mystique at times due to the uninhibited front man “Meru” (his given spiritual name). It was the most animated we have ever seen him, sporting a surf-dude Hawaiian shirt and coolly riding the sound waves; perfectly synergised with the solidly enthusiastic Gary Leatherland on drums, Nick Greenwood on bass with attitude and the Rev. Richard Churchyard who hammered his organ like a fiend!

Los Grebos live at the Granary, The George, Frome, 6th December 2018

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