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Maaike Siegerist: a voice smoother than Dutch chocolate and one to savour

Maaike Siegerist and Jonni Slater @ Jelli records songwriter night, The Bristol Fringe, 25th Feb 2020

Having met singer/songwriter Maaike at the Bristol Music Industry Network initially, we decided to record a live performance; and where better than an attentive audience in an intimate venue with silky sounds like the Bristol Fringe - a cosy cultural gem in the heart of Clifton village that stands high above the City.

Maaike is originally from the Netherlands, studied music in Bath and then elected to stay in Bristol for the scene. Now also teaming up with Jonni Slater on keyboard and at times expanding the band with double bass and saxophone, they have been featured on BBC radio 6 and BBC Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Maaike’s music has a romantic feel, conveying imaginative tales with a tonally rich and evocative voice intertwined with harmonic melodies that engage your interest and make you eager to know what the next verse will bring…

I asked Maaike what the genre of her music is and we came to no conclusion. It is her own melodious storytelling music with influences ranging from jazz to folk to gothic metal bands like Nightwish, fronted by Dutch singer Floor Jansen!

The Dutch do listen to UK/US music and Maaike says that English sounds more glamorous and exotic to their ears than Dutch, making English the default singing language in Holland.

Gothic metal is also very popular. Maaike thinks it’s an escape from the prevailing factual, ‘just act normal’ mentality and people seek mystery and meaning in the light and darkness of Romantic music.

Maaike always wanted to sing and had lessons at 15, influenced by her father's collection of singers like Maggie Riley, Donna Summer and Annie Lennox, whose singing diction is renowned.

Current album is called “Born before the Wind” and you can find out more at:

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