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Marston Music Open Mic

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

An Open Mic with the WOW factor!

Marston Music Open Mic is set in a location which takes your breath away, surrounded by God’s own country - emerald green and pleasant land, fluffy sheep, majestic trees and an elegant estate just across the way...

St Leonard’s Church at Marston Bigot village has joined the movement of bringing a new lease of life to empty churches. The joy of music and poetry now resonates within buildings that have been silent and empty for too long.

It’s a jewel of a church just oozing with history in a village going back before the Domesday Book. The Grade 1 listed architecture possesses acoustics befitting the talented artists being attracted to this cultured Sunday afternoon with its attentive audience who will also sing along given the chance.

Open mics are a fertile ground to try out new material and practice your public performance with the added bonus of Music Eye capturing the butterfly for future promotion (if you’re in agreement), already being used by some artists.

It’s still early days, with just three events so far, but this open mic has attracted committed regulars from as far as Bridgwater and Bristol even in the worst weather conditions!

Check out our compilation of the highlights from 11th February

Drop in on the second Sunday of the month until June from 3-6pm.

Open Mic enquiries:

Marston Music

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