Monks Road Social: a supergroup with an album that smooths

Monks Road Social - Humanism - Monks Road Studios, April 2020

This album came out of the blue; the tracks are from recorded sessions in a residential studio in Andalusia, creating music that flows from collaboration of known artists and new ones on the block...such as Dr Robert (Blow Monkeys), Matt Deighton (Oasis), Damon Minchella (Richard Ashcroft), Steve White (Paul Weller),Mick Talbot (Style Council and Dexys), Crispin Taylor (Galliano), Special guests include people like Peter Capaldi (Dr Who) and Dick Taylor (Rolling Stones), and new artists include: Samantha Whates, Nev Cottee and many others.

What results is a smooth mix of soul, blues, jazz and dub. Beautifully produced, it is a chilled 19 track Tardis mix which I thought felt like a dark velvet glove you could slip into for a quality experience. All the music is expertly played with matching vocals throughout. It is a smooth platform on which new artists can glide. Click here for one of the tracks - If I could Pray, featuring Peter Capaldi....and Apricot Glow feat. Matt Deighton....there are other tracks on Youtube...

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