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Music Eye Radio loves to showcase new music from Frome and beyond interwoven with classic tunes. It is the voice of the Music Eye promotional platform, established in 2019 by Chris Watson, which aims to catch the butterfly at live performances, write reviews and promote on its social media channels.

Music Eye Radio is now also on Somer Valley FM (97.5) weekly on Mondays night at 10 pm - presented by Chris Watson and Sara Vian, a Frome-based singer/songwriter who also co-writes reviews with Chris for Music Eye, hosts the Frome (and Beyond) Music Industry Network and encourages people to live the dream at Graceful Solutions!

If you’d like to have your music played on the show please send your MP3s with an EPK to



Music Eye Radio 56 17th January

Roxy Music "Virginia Plain"; Shoun Shoun "Did I Play Games"; Ronan Furlong "Come Whatever May"; Sarah Curtis "Icy Water"; Four Legged Fruit "General Cogs"; Eddie Mole "How Dark"; Piero Piruta fet Rozalla "Everybody's Free"; Bassomatic "Fascinating Rhythm"; Alison Limerick "Where Love lives"; Garient "No Love Anymore"; BE Cooling "Inside the Waterline" ; "You make it Better" - Somerset musicians for NHS Charities PLUS competition for local musicians and beyond is to compose an original house/dance track up to 4 mins long with a female vocal and send an MP3 track to by 20th March 22 and we'll select a winner and play it on Music Eye Radio on Frome FM and Somer Valley FM around Easter 2022

Music Eye Radio 55 3rd January

Rush "The Spirit of Radio"; The Idle Silence "Lucky Me"; Eliza Caiden "Voices in my Head"; The Jesus Bolt " A Suitable Disguise"; Ruzz Guitars Blues Revue "Baby Please Come Home"; Soda Blonde "I still have feelings for you"; Krooked Tongue "freaky Love"; Michaela Fedeczko "Who Am I"; Grand Splendid "Magic"; Klammer "Broken Dreams in a Crashing Car"; B E Cooling "I'll be There"; Currer Bell "The Rambling Blade"; Ronan Furlong "Red Sun Rising"; Sara Vian " Brighter Days"

Music Eye Radio 54 20th December

Sara Vian "True Spirit of Christmas"; Cara Dillon "Upon a Winter's Night"; Stuart Rolfe "Old Jack Frost"; Helena Mace "Snowfall"; Steeleye Span "Gaudette"; Carl Sutterby and Sara Vian "Fairy Tale of New York"; Jose Feliciano "Feliz Navidad"; Norah Jones "White Christmas"; Amy Hopwood "Snow Melts the Soonest"; Kim Wilde and Mel Smith "Rockin around the Christmas tree"; Christina Aguilera and Brian McKnight "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas"; Dave Turner "Christmas All Year Through"; Annie Lennox "God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"; Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song"; Eva Cassidy "Silent Night"........Clip of "Feliz Navidad" from First to Eleven

Music Eye Radio 53 6th December

The Levellers "What a Beautiful Day"; The Leylines "Breakout"; The Killers "When you were young"; Glass Violet "Indigo"; Maren Morris "The bones"; Kesey Bovey "Vinyl"; Bloc Party "Helicopter"; The Love handles "Little Yellow jacket"; Patti Smith "Horses/Land"; T E Yates "Fierce Horses"; Joy Division " New Dawn Fades"; Skanger "Mistakes"; Vivid City "We're still young"; Roughion "Newport Road"

Music Eye Radio 52 22nd November

Garbage "I think I'm Paranoid"; Mawpit "Body Approval"; Duran Duran "Rio"; Sweet Machine "Brasilia"; The Human League "The Lebanon"; Ribman and Gibbon "So 80s Vox"; Shakatak "Down on the Street"; Minx and Dusal "Manchild Apocolypse"; Maximo Park "Apply some Pressure"; The Supermercados "Silly Games"; Stuart Rolfe feat. Becky Lawrence "I Need You"; Foals "Mountain at my gates"; The Taboos "Midnight"; Fos Brothers "Matty"

Music Eye Radio 51 8th November

U2 "Beautiful Day"; Lewis Barfoot "Fisherman"; T.E. Yates "Condition"; Agnes Jones "Cuckoo"; Panic! at the disco "High Hopes"; The Great Leslie "You lost yourself"; The Editors "All Sparks"; Catalysts "Sparks"; Vaughn Castle "Can this be love"; Ali Warren "Head over Heart"; Mend "Running Man"; Sue Harding "Hydra"; The Doors "People are Strange"; Gitabel "Dancing Alone in the Dark"

Music Eye Radio 50 25th October

Oasis "the importance of being idle"; Shade "Fallen Skies"; Dermot Kennedy "Outnumbered"; Jordan Rollason "Love Game"; Stereophonics "Maybe Tomorrow"; Nova Bloom "City Lights"; Arctic Monkeys "Red light indicates doors are secured"; The Kronskies " Friends or Foes"; Blondie " hangin on the telephone"; Kid Gulliver "You'll never know"; Bob Dylan "Times they are achanging" Sarah Larkham "Daddy"; Sue Harding "The Birchwood"; Red Light Effect "Without You"

Music Eye Radio 49 11th October

Tom Robinson Band "2468 Motorway"; Anne Bennett "Heavy Hand"; Rileys Cove "Without"; Koali "Dreaming Spires"; Sonia Linares "Go Unknown"; Gitabel "Unreachable"; The Lunar Keys "Stop This"; The Reverse "Cocktails in the Rain"; Krooked Tongue "Swarm"; All To No Avail "Sunflower"; Meg Curl "I would Rather Be Lost"; Will Lawton and the Alchemists "Soul Sneeze"; Sarah McQuaid "Last Song";Paul Kirtley "I'm at the Crossroads"; Hugh Webber "Time has a Gift of Tears"

Music Eye Radio 48 27th September

Nirvana "Smells like Teen Spirit"; Coastal Fire Dept "What Do I"; Kate Bush "Hounds of Love"; Maaike Siegerist "Call of the Last Wildcat"; Elvis Costello and the Attractions "Watching the Detectives" ; Ian Prowse and Amsterdam "We Don't Like You"; Dido "Sand in My Shoes"; Bri "In My Head"; The Black Keys "Tighten Up"; Little Thief "Under the Patio"; Department S "Is Vic There?"; The Scaramanga Six "An Error Occurred"; Eddie Mole "Sweet Pain"; All To No Avail "Sunflower"

Music Eye Radio 47 13th September

Garbage - "Only Happy When it Rains"; Mawpit - "Eye to Eye"; Ryan Adams - "Gimme Something Good"; Daniel Quinton - Rewind"; Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea"; Nigel G Lowndes - "Always Leaving London"; Gary Moore - "Over the Hill and Far Away"; Ronan Furlong - "Let it Rain"; Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell"; Libre Stone - "Mark of Cain"; Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah"; Sarah Larkham - "Heavenly"; Irie Fire - "Sha Lala"; Mireille Mathlener Band - "Nightingale"

Music Eye Radio 46 30th August

Rolling Stones "Get off of my Cloud"; The two man Travelling Medicine Show "Blindfold"; Two Door Cinema Club "I Can Talk"; Taxi Rank "Golden Days"; Supergrass" Pumping on Your Stereo"; The Maida Vales "Carry Me"; The B-52's "Love Shack"; Sylvia Bullett "Think Twice"; Human League "The Sound of the Crowd"; Vivid City "Blue into Gold"; The White Stripes "Hard Button to Button"; Little Thief "Freak"; Shoto-Daito "Counterglow"; Paul Kirtley "Its a Lottery this life - for Anthony"

Music Eye Radio 45 16th August

Timbuk 3 "The Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"; Lindsey Farrow "Eleven Lies"; Mawpit "Mum, I'm Sorry"; John Jenkins "Stranger to the Heart"; Jon Pollard "High Clouds"; Myles Lloyd "Counting Days"; Gravity Machine "It's Summer"; Colin Clyne "Within Hindsight"; Ronan Furlong "No Easy Way Out"; Tim Prottey-Jones "Fire"; Freya Wolf "Meet Me At 8"; Chris Pidsley "Skinny"; Taxi Rank "A Piece of You"; Dust Monk "Choppy Waters"; Barry Walsh "Strawberry Line"

Music Eye Radio 44 2nd August

Green Day "Holiday"; Caffeine "Shadows"; Supertramp "The logical Song"; String Factory "Running from the Big Things"; Supermercados "Fire Escape to Hell"; Squeeze "Pulling Mussels from the Shell"; Fragment "Stories lost at Sea"; Haim "Falling"; Twinners "No Going Back"; The Specials "Do Nothing"; Project Blackbird "Shake These Trees"; Sue Harding "Hydra"; Tulpas "Lament"; Oysterband "When I'm Up I can't get down"

Music Eye Radio 43 19th July

Creedance Clearwater Revival "Fortunate Son"; TBelly "I never want to see me again"; Big Country "Close Action"; Silver Haar "Lost"; Green Day "Basket Case"; The Young "High School Hangover"; The Beat "Mirror in The Bathroom"; The Reverse "Which Way Out"; Jane Allison "Don't spill the Water" Jane Allison Interview pt1: Jane Allison " Frayed"; Jane Allison Interview pt2; America "Horse with no name"; Alien Greystar "The Flow"; Sara Vian and Graham Dent Trio "Sunny"

Music Eye Radio 42 5th July

Chicago "25 or 6 to 4" ; Rosco Shakes "Booted"; Jamiroquoi "Cloud 9"; Van Ray "Cloud 9"; Queen "Seven Seas of Rhye"; The Novatines "Joyride"; The Automatic "Steve McQueen"; The Proxy Youth "New Generation"; Johnny Cash "Man in Black"; Mark J Lee " Vagabond Blood"; Morcheeba "The sea"; Richard Marc and Jaz Beeson "Way Out"; Giles Read "Everything Ends"; Paul Kirtley "Dutch Courage"

Music Eye Radio 41 21st June

Ian Dury and the Blockheads "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick"; String Factory "Just Another Guy"; Martha and The Muffins "Echo Beach"; Sara Vian and Graham Dent Trio "Sunny"; The Mellow Tones "Spin"; Jane Langley (Mellow Tones) Interview; The Mellow Tones "Woman"; Ma Polaine "Audrey"; Ronan Furlong "The King of Leaves"; Strange Folk "Glitter"; Jane Allison "Don't spill the Water"; Brue River Blues Band "Killing Floor"; Wrex "Wide Eyes"; Sara Vian "Route 66"

Music Eye Radio 40 7th June

Blur "Song 2"; Hybrid Kid "Fallout"; 4 Non Blondes "What's Up"; Kirsty Clinch "Fit the Shoe" - Kirsty Clinch Interview Pt 1; Kirsty Clinch "Round and Round"; Kirsty Clinch Interview Pt 2; Kirsty Clinch "Waters Running Low"; London Grammar "How does it Feel"; Alesund "Pressure point"; Newton Faulkner "People should smile more"; Nigel G Lowndes " White Roses"; Bonetired "Part Time Chase"; Mount Forel "Costa Rica"

Music Eye Radio 39 24th May

Interview with Melissa Hale

Lonestar Walking in Memphis @lonestarnow; City and Colour Comin Home @cityandcolour; Melissa Hale Rainy Day Room @melissahalemusic; The Civil Wars Barton Hollow @thecivilwars; Jess Ray Did not our Hearts Burn @jessraymusic; Melissa Hale Manic; Joni Mitchell My Old man @jonimitchell; Western Electric Sound System Flesh @WesternElectricSoundSystem; Maaike Siegerist Call of the Wildcat @maaikesiegeristmusic Jane Allison Frayed @janeallisonmusic

Music Eye Radio 38 17th May

The Vapours Turning Japanese; Healthy Junkies Tricky Situation @healthyjunkiesband; The Animals House of the Rising Sun; Hangover Square Retreat to hangover Square @hangoversquare; Johnny Winter Highway 61 revisited; Eddie Martin Before We Wake Up @blueseddie ( I think - EPK not clear); Randy Crawford/Crusaders Street Life; Freya Wolf This man is mine @remotehighway

The Automatic Monster; The Underdog Club Love Addict @theunderdogclubband; Ace Of base All that she wants; Tobisonics and Wee Scots Poet All the little things @tobisonics; Eddie Mole Sweet pain @eddiemolemusic; Jane Allison Like magdelene @janeallisonmusic; Paul Kirtley and Danny Shorten Demons @paulkirtley

Music Eye Radio 37 10th May

Interview with Held by Trees

Talk Talk Life's what you make it; Talk Talk Eden; Interview pt 1

Held By Trees Next To Silence; Talk Talk After the Flood; Interview pt 2

Eric Bibb In my Fathers House; Held By Trees In the Trees; Interview pt 3

Nik Kershaw Wouldnt it be good; Talk Talk Its my life; Interview pt 4

Pink Floyd Mudmen

Music Eye Radio 36 3rd May 2021 (extra)

Republica Ready to Go; Second Run Reunion @secondrunband; Happy Mondays Kinky Afro

Mount Forel Elba @mountforel; Depeche mode Just cant get enough; Spectator 6 Queens of the Future @spectator6; New Order Regret; Ventrelles Call of the Morning @theventrellesound

Jude Dylan Radii @JudeDylanMusic; Kelsey Bovey Told me the Truth @kelseyboveyuk

Nigel lowndes Cup of tea @NGLtunes; Sinister Cutlery She decided to go @sinistercutlery

Bob Dylan Blowing in the Wind; Danny R and paul Gillings Tell Me @dannyrpaulgmusic

Alfonse Reflector @alfonsemusic

Music Eye Radio 35: 26th April 2021

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter; Meru Mother natures Boy @merumichaelmusic

Sound of Music Edelweiss; Interview pt 1; Frank Sinatra Witchcraft

Aretha Franklin I say a little prayer (bacharach); Koko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle (Howlin Wolf)

Interview pt 2; Muddy Waters Rolling and Tumbling; Eric Clapton, Robert Kray, Hubert Sumlin Killing Floor; Man with no Name Paint a Picture (Meru); Interview pt 3

Brue River Blues band Killing Floor (Meru); Danny R and Paul Gillings Kings Ransom @dannyrpaulgmusic

Music Eye Radio 34: 12th April 2021

Blur Girls and Boys; The Supermercados Silly Games @thesupermercados; PJ Harvey Good Fortune

Mireille Mathlener The Nightingale @mireillemathlenerband; Ultravox Hymn; Sweet Machine Brasilia @sweetmachineuk; Howard Jones What is love; Becky Lawrence What is life; @beckylawrencemusic; Sade The sweetest taboo; Melissa Paice Can't take it @melissapaicemusic

Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild frontier; Jonni Slater Into the Unknown @jonnislatermusic

Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing; Vetna Blankets @vetnamusic; Sara Vian Echo @saravianmusic

Music Eye Radio 33: 29th March 2021

Men At Work - Down Under; Gravity machine - She's Calling Me Home Devon @gravitymachine

Johnny Cash - Gonna Cut you Down; Johnny and Slide - Dark was the night Bristol @johnevistic

Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is; Freddie Mercer - Tide @freddie.mercer.35

Mike Oldfield - To France; Tony and Una - Lion Tiger and Bear @tonyanduna

Currer Bell Perfect Stranger @currerbellmusic; Talking Heads - And She Was; Toby Holbrook - On the Town Bristol @tobyholbrookmusic; Kate Bush - Running up that Hill; Broken Links - Pioneers Hampshire @BrokenLinks; Sara Vian - Beautiful soul @saravianmusic

Music Eye Radio 32: 15th March 2021

The Clash London Calling; Hybrid Kid Coming Round Again @hybridkid; Jethto Tull Living in the Past; Currer Bell Perfect Stranger @currerbellmusic; Jack Johnson banana pancakes; Robi Mitch Golden Hour @robimitchmusic; Siouxsie and Banshees Spellbound; Dora Lachaise Interview / Dora lachaise I Confess @doralachaise; Chris Rea All Summer long; Zed Mitchell I like to drive @zedmitchell; Jo Fagin Get it Right; The Miller Test Eden Gaol @millertest; Sabrina Johnston Peace

Music Eye Radio 31: 1st March 2021

James Born of frustration; The Winters - You @thewintersband; The Doors Roadhouse Blues

Desmonds Dawn - glad you're not around @desmondsdawn; The Jam Going Underground

The Supermercados Lights @thesupermercados; Audience House on the Hill; james Hollingsworth Far away from home @jameshollingsworth3; Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy; Brook Tate Kind of Boy @brooktatemusic; Suheela Raman Woman; Ruth Blake - Brave Ships @ruthblakemusic; Jack Brown Waiting; Siouxsie and the banshees Hong Kong garden

Music Eye Radio 30: 15th February 2021

The Clash Rock the Casbah; Fortitude - Don't Quit Your Daydream @fortitudeukband; Kate Bush - The Sensual World; Laura Jenkins - Lay it down @laurajenkinsofficial; Boston - More than a feeling; Sedgemoor - Give me a reason @sedgemoorrock; Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime; Nigel Lowndes - Boring @ngltunes; Steeley Span - All around my hat; Currer Bell - Found her out there @currerbellmusic; Ed Sheeran - Shape of You; Jeanalite - I hope he knows @jeanalitemusic; Florence + machine - You got the love; Alesund - Lightning @aleasundmusic

Music Eye Radio 29: 1st February 2021

Tommy Newport - yellow lines @tommynewport; The Police - Message in a Bottle

Rileys Cove High @rileyscove; Sheryl Crowe - All I wanna do; Mothbreath - Drift away @mothbreath; Kosheen - Hide U; Zephyrhill Wind Project - Say You'll Believe @zephyrhillmusic

Irene Cara - Fame; Tulpas - State of Disgrace @tulpasmusic; Billy Idol - White Wedding; Mireille Mathlener - the lost photographer @mireillemathlenerband; PJ Harvey - Good Fortune; Sara Vian - Brighter days; Hendrix - All along the watchtower

Music Eye Radio 28: 18th January 2021

Hybrid Kid 123 3:47@hybridkid; Undertones you've got my number; Sonia Linares song of the worlds 3:42 @soniajazzul; Bristol - Overcome; Turnstiles Something to die for 3.02 @turnstilesband; Pixies Gouge away 2:46; Ruizi Please baby please 4:00 @ruizsheffield; Marianas When You Talk 3:11; Marianas Interview 7:21; Marianas Natural Habitat 5:11

San Pedro Collective Time 3:41 @sanpedrocollectivemcr; Brand New Heavies Dream on Dreamer 4:10; Sara Vian - The Great Pause 4:41; You make it better @youmakeitbetter

Music Eye Radio 27: 9th January 2021

Muddy Elephant Helter Skelter; Phoenix Flare Conjunction; Land Captains Burn the World

Nigel Lowndes Always leaving London; Jane Allison Magdelene; Skanger A chance to count the cost

Quinn Some Days; China Moon Forget; Muddy Elephant Tusk; Boxin the Vox Seven White Horses

Jon Pollard The Perfect Wave; Alien Greystar To the Sky; Hemsworth and Bragg Liberty

New Radicals You get what you Give

Music Eye Radio 26: 26th December 2020

Meru - Mother Nature's Boy @merumichaelmusic; Azhaar Saffar - House of the Sun Bluebeard - Christmas all year @bluebeard99; Paul Thompson - Midwinter Night @paultsmusic Kairen Caine - Turning Tide @kairencaine; Darren Addicott - Whiskey and Wine @darrenaddicottmusic; Gitabel Madness Caravan @gitabelmusic; Eva Cassidy - Over the Rainbow The Horse Puppets - Until Next Year @thehorsepuppets; Steeleye Span - The Boars Head Carol Sara Vian - True Spirit of Christmas @saravianmusic; U2 - New Years Day

Music Eye Radio 25: 19th December 2020

Interview with Bluebeard about his charity single "Christmas all year through" @bluebeard99 plus a preview of Sara Vian 's latest single "True spirit Spirit of Christmas" plus Cara Dillon - upon a winters night @caradillonsings; Blackmore's Night - I Saw three ships @blackmoresnightofficial; Carl Sutterby and Sara Vian - fairytale of new york; Eva Cassidy - Silent Night; Kev Jefferies - Ghost of Christmas Past @kevjefferies1; Joni Mitchell - The River @jonimitchell; Jethro Tull - Christmas song @officialjethrotull; Beth Merill - Messiah @BethMerillMusic; Christina Aguilera - Have yourself a merry little christmas @christinaaguilera; Band Aid - Do they Know it's Christmas; Otis Redding - Merry Christmas baby

Music Eye Radio 24: 12th December 2020

Interview with Elevenfiftysix; New Wolves Influencer (S. Wales) @newwolvesmusic; Al O'Kane Black Lullaby (Shepton) @alokanemusic; In Peril Your decision (Northampton) @In.Peril.Band

Kirsty Clinch Fit the shoe (Wilts) @ClinchKirsty; M30 collective Message from God (Manchester) @M30collective; Mireille Mathlener Rise (Bristol) @mireillemathlenerband; Elevenfiftysix pathological (frome and bath) @elevenfiftysixband; Elevenfiftysix Enough

Tuath Mountains and Grooves (Ireland) @tuathband; ElectricKool Aid Acid test Peaches (Devon) @elecrickoolaidacidtest; Ed Green Grow Love (Frome) @EdGreenMusic; Chloe Mogg Attack (W Midlands) for the cause of Fibromyalgia @chloemoggmusic

Music Eye Radio 23: 28th November 2020

Jennifer Crook precious time @jennifercrookmusic; The Mojo Slide good man down @themojoslide

Civic Green City Street @CivicGreen; Thomas murphy Young and Honey B McKenna Enough @thomasmurphyyoung @honeybmckenna; Sam Wickens Strange.24 @samwickensofficial

Polly Hall Interview @pollyhallwriter; Kassie ashton Taxidermy @kassiashton; Refugee Lullaby @karajrichards; Elevenfiftysix pathological @elevenfiftysixband; Vox Deluxe right in front of you @voxdeluxe; Beware the Bear wishing on the water @bewarethebearuk; Barry Walsh AllAlone am i @barrywalsh

Music Eye Radio 22: 14th November 2020

Daydream Runaways "Light the Spark" West Country @daydreamrunaways; Rebecca "drowning in You" West Country @rebeccapuckey; Starry Skies "here coms the moon" @thestarryskies; Hoaster "Around the Sun" West Country @hoasterband; Chelsea Radford - "its OK" - @chelsearadfordsinger

Mawpit interview (its edited down to 10 mins) Cardiff @mawpitband plus two tracks: "Eat a Corpse" and "Citiglazze" (imminent release); Savanna Woods @savannawoodsmusic; Sara Vian "Trust the Sea" West Country @saravianmusic; Plastic Barricades "Tunnel" @plasticbarricades; Paul Kirtley's gladrags cover; Sunstack Jones "wintersong" @SunstackJones

Music Eye Radio 21: 31st October 2020

James Dixon Sentinel from Trespassing Light - @jamesdixonmusic; Xam Eitsirhc (Snake oil poet) Dashboard Radio @xameitsirhc; Japan - Ghosts; Maaike Siegerist and Dora la Chaise @maiikesiegeristmusic; Dora Lachaise - Bone Collector - plus interview....and sparrows

Siouxsie et al Spellbound; Strange Folk - Glitter @strangefolkuk; Blues singer Eva Cassidy Nov 2 1996 - autumn leaves; Jethro Tull The Wiches Promise; Sara Vian - Spell on You; The Raggedy Men - a fores @julianhight

Music Eye Radio 20: 24th October 2020 (extra)

Louisa Maria "More to Give" @louisamariaofficial; The Great Leslie "Out of My Hands" @thegreatleslieband; Shadi G "Space" @ShadigOfficial; Sara Vian "the Great Pause" @ Plus Interview on crowdfunding; Strange Folk "A Winter's tale" @strangefolkuk; Strange Folk "Hollow" Plus two part interview; Deleo "Going Home" @deleoofficiel; Jethro tull "Minstrel in the Gallery" @iananderson; Sara Vian "Wondrin Aloud"; Union of Knives "A Tall Tale" @UnionOfKnivesmusic

Music Eye Radio 19: 17th October 2020