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Music Eye Radio showcases emerging talent from Frome and beyond interwoven with classic tunes. It is the voice of the Music Eye promotional platform, established in 2019 by Chris Watson, which aims to catch the butterfly at live performances, write reviews and promote on its social media channels.

As well as Frome FM ,Music Eye Radio is also on Somer Valley FM (97.5) weekly on Mondays night at 10 pm. It is presented by Chris, who is also is a presenter on Soundcheck (Visual Radio Arts) and Sara Vian, a Frome-based singer/songwriter, who co-writes reviews for Music Eye, hosts the Frome (and Beyond) Music Industry Network, presents on Soundcheck and encourages people to live the dream at Graceful Solutions!

If you’d like to have your music played on the show please send your MP3s with a bio and/or press release to



Music Eye Radio 20: 24th October 2020 (extra)

Louisa Maria "More to Give" @louisamariaofficial; The Great Leslie "Out of My Hands" @thegreatleslieband; Shadi G "Space" @ShadigOfficial; Sara Vian "the Great Pause" @ Plus Interview on crowdfunding; Strange Folk "A Winter's tale" @strangefolkuk; Strange Folk "Hollow" Plus two part interview; Deleo "Going Home" @deleoofficiel; Jethro tull "Minstrel in the Gallery" @iananderson; Sara Vian "Wondrin Aloud"; Union of Knives "A Tall Tale" @UnionOfKnivesmusic

Music Eye Radio 19: 17th October 2020

Becky Lawrence Maple State @beckylawrenceuk; Desmonds Dawn Guilt Monster @desmondsdawn; Joanne July @joanne-vocalist; Giles Read The Environmentalist; Joe Matera Only One @joe.matera; Will Lawton and the Alchemists interview; Willow and Dust @WillLawtonAlchemists; Bonetired Embers @bonetiredmusic; Eddie Mole Beautiful skin @eddiemolemusic; Blood red Rose Linger @bloodredroseband

Music Eye Radio 18: 3rd October 2020

Ria Plays "Girl Interrupted"; Bugs aka Julian Hight "More to Life"; Laura Beckwith "Halfway"; Everyday Heroes "The Crow"; Raveis Kole "Angel from Montgomery"; Brosnan "Being Alone"; Carol Hodge "Goodbye Farewell"; Anna Bea "People Keep Telling Me"; The legendary Snake Snake Snake "You say Bowie, I say Bowie"; Sundays "Salt of the Earth"; Sweet Machine "Armchair Vacation"; Galliano "Prince of Peace"; Slim Loris "Dance of the Butterflies"; Monette "Monotony"

Music Eye Radio 17 19th September 2020

Interview with The Sound Angels; American Rules - Nearly Skulls; Stuck - Shoun Shoun; Falling - Joanne; Wild Ride - Fly the Nest; Forest and Shore - Keith Christmas; Brighter - Tenth Electric; The Great Pause - Sara Vian; Earthworm - Stackridge; Go too far - Mantis and the Prayer; Black - Primal Roots; Apart from you - Subtheory

Music Eye Radio 16 5th September 2020

Ben Railway Robey - The Glory's Mine; Mawpit - Eat a Corpse; Ali George - Platys Yialos; Squidge - Cardboard Box; League of Joy - The Trip; Sylvette - Kelpius; Sylvette Interview; Sylvette - Memories

The Spiritual leaders - Underwater With You; Sara Vian - The Great Pause; Joanne - Far Away; Paul Kirtley - Times a Healing

Music Eye Radio 15 22nd August 2020

Black Bordello - Weaning; Sara Vian - The Great Pause; Emily Breeze - Hey Kidz; Nick Cave - Henry Lee; Eddie Mole - Kill It; Astrid Cordes - Portrait; Inhaler Collective - Everbody's Groovin'; Dives - 100 Times; Pace - Boatmans Weather; From Venus - Unconditional; Brophys Law - Record Collector; Ceev - Lonely Night; Kouatchou - My Teacher; Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well

Music Eye Radio 14 8th August 2020

Butterfly Mind - Al O'kane; All summer long - Chris Rea; Far Away - Joanne; Unkle Funkle - @Jabbawokii; Go with the flow - The Forevers; Locked in the Panopticon - Reardon Love; Steamers a bubble dubplate - Jah 9 and Dub FX: Almost Human - Ghostwood Development Project; You belong with me - Steve Morano; Sundae Song - Avestruz de Cinta-Liga; Ive had it with you - Nevertheless; Defender - The agency; The Great Pause - Sara Vian

Music Eye Radio 13 1st August 2020

Steve Morano - You belong with me; Paper Theory - 2020 vision; Palooka 5 - Drive me around;

Will Lawton and the Alchemists - Dust; Ali George - High rolling hills - interview with Sara Vian - Waiting for the mists to clear; Storylande - Tempus Fugit; Meru - Out of my head; BYLJA - Float; Sarah Curtis - The Sea; Becky Lawrence - You Say; Rule Brittania - chrity single for NHS - Adam and the Hellcats and others

Music Eye Radio 12 18th July 2020

Gravity Drive - Shooting Star; Joanne - Keep moving on; Hoaster - Around the Sun; Las Casitas - trash; Sara Vian - Move on up - Soundcheck interview - Weave the thread; Mother Funters - Greed;

The Screens - the boy who waved at trains; Giles Read - Daniel; Zena Harper - falling into darkness;

President Street - I found me; Barry Walsh jingle on facemasks

Music Eye Radio 11 4th July 2020

Sylvette - Kelpius; Kev Jeffries - Kansas; No Pharaoh - After the fall; Mountain Speaks Fire - Delegate; Garbage Queen - Reflection; Laila Satu - Darious; Misty Shape - Midnight Train; Seneca - the Ventriloquist; Sannie Fox - Black Winds; You Make It Better

Music Eye Radio 10 20th June 2020

Ali George "Wait for the mist to clear"; Mountain Speaks Fire "Embers"; Kelsey Bovey "Magnetic"; Joe Matera "Overload"; Paul Kirtley "High sierra"; Amadou Diagne "Tirailleur"; Music Eye Interview with Amadou Diagne and Cory Seznec; Amadou Diagne "Mbaguel"; Maaike Siegerist "Clockmaker"; Strange Folk "The Portrait"; Heloise "Anthem of Success"; Sara Vian "Trust the sea"; Dire Straits "So far away"

Music Eye Radio 9 6th June 2020

Sweet Machine "Open Your Mind"; Crash gears "Green river"; * Floors Up "Roman bones make good glue"; Sarah Curtis "Shining light"; Garbage Queen "Pretty boy"; Kevin Brown "6 strings and a dream"; Music Eye interview with Kevin Brown"; Kevin Brown "Shadows on the wall"; The Attic Movement "Truth be told"; Strange folk "Under the sun"; Miss Rayon "Small life"

Music Eye Radio 8 23rd May 2020

Al O'Kane "I want some peace"; Soda Blonde "Motion"; Mellow Tones "Let the love in"; Higher Lovers "Higher lovers"; Music Eye Interview with Tim Clayton of Higher Lovers; Higher Lovers "New York"; Vix Bourne "Ham Hound Crave"; Strange Folk "Voices from the lake"; "You Make It Better" Song for the NHS; Sara V "May he be like rain"

Music Eye Radio 7 9th May 2020

You Make It Better "You Make It Better" song for the NHS; Interview with Dave Turner, project lead of YMIB; Mellow Tones "Spin"; Boudicca's Child "Bang Bang"; Sylvette "Surrender"; Music Eye interview with singer, Joanne and her slot with The Mission; Joanne "Too late"; Paul Kirtley "Social isolation paranoia"; Desmond's Dawn "Truth"; Sarah Curtis "The Millers Daughter"; Sara V "Beltane"; Jethro Tull "Jack in the green"

Music Eye Radio 6 25th April 2020

Higher Lovers "I close my eyes"; JanE.B "Fire"; Sue Harding "Sleepy old smokey"; My Social Orbit "Legal bank job"; Boudicca's Child "Mother"; Fey Militia "Resurrection"; Matt Owens "Whiskey and orchids"; Sara V "The Sun is shining down on you"; Sannie Fox "Willow song"; Jennifer Crook "Sea Glass"; The Stranglers "Walk on by"

Music Eye Radio 5 11th April 2020

Taya Minchington "Whole"; Broken Bones Matilda "Midnight Creeper"; Signe "Rewind"; Sannie Fox "Criminal for your love"; Charlotte Moore "Growing up"; Fey Militia "Marionette"; Sarah Curtis "Remember"; This Human Condition "Night is gone"; Sue Harding "Catherine Street"; Raggedy Men "A Forest"; Bill Withers "Lovely day"

Music Eye Radio 4 28th March 2020

Fey Militia "Honey"; Charlotte Moore "Before its too late"; Sannie Fox "Record player"; Boudicca's child "Revolution"; Marianas "Bad news"; Riki Buckingham "Free my soul"; Rebecca Shelley "Ocean Wave"; This Human Condition "God kills another kitten"; The Sidh "Iridium"; Sara Vian "People get ready"; The Beach Boys "I get around"; Bryan Ferry "Sign of the times"

Music Eye Radio 3 14th March 2020

Sannie Fox "Black Winds"; Talk In Code "Talk like that"; Sarah Curtis "Remember"; Garbage Queen "Reflection"; Maaike Siegerist "Old Soviet Hotel"; Mighty Rooster "This song"; Becky Lawrence "Wasted on you"; Land Captains "Delta"; Solo Candy "Fire away"; Paul Kirtley "Referendum blues"; All To No Avail "The Call"

Music Eye Radio 2 29th February 2020

Roy Peplow "Going Global"; Butterfly Wheel "Flame"; Rivers of England "About Hope"; Kelsey Bovey "Define me"; Land Captains "Automatic"; Wade Merritt "Time won't tell"; Sarah Curtis "Pea green boat"; Taya Minchington "Yearning"; Cavalcade "Blueness is a heavy stone"; Bangalore Torpedoes "Don't bend the light"; Talk Talk "Life's what you make it"

Music Eye Radio 1 15th February 2020

Sara Vian "Faith zone"; Strange Folk "Let it burn"; Harding McCabe "Sirens" Sweet Machine "Glass and Steel"; Shoun Shoun "A Hundred trips"; Azhaar Saffar and Global Wave "Original love"; Invisible Eyes "Granny Knickers"; Marianas "Bad news"; Al O'Kane "Losing it"; Mesh "Runway"; My Social Orbit "World spins round"

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