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Hello Mystery - Nigel G Lowndes

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Northerner Nigel G Lowndes’ debut album, “Hello Mystery” is generally upbeat with catchy lyrics, just right for the listener looking to lift their mood although it does have an alt-pop edge with a voice reminiscent of David Byrne: gravelly and gritty with an emphatic guitar which pummels dissatisfaction about topics such as “furry little vampires” (cute, furry pets which seem more important to his wife than he is).

Various other dilemmas are addressed in Nigel’s unique and quirky style, wrapped up with the wisdom gained from the bizarre scenarios constructed.

The album was produced by Chris Pepper, who has worked with legends such as Chris Difford (primary member of Squeeze) and Boo Hewerdine (lead singer of The Bible).

"Born in the North West of England and now based in Bristol, UK, Nigel draws from many musical influences including Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Blondie and classic British Rock and Pop." Find the full story here

Listen on buy the album on Bandcamp

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