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Platys Yialos - Ali George (Album Review)

Artist Ali George uses nature as a focus for his thoughts and feelings. He conjures up countryside scenes through his lyrics, whilst resonating on thoughts of failed romances, new loves, old situations and new beginnings.

Ali puts together a compelling saga of his own experience as a testament to himself as a humble human being whose soul has been strengthened by life, love and loss. The humbleness of his enduring soul, as he weathers the storm of old love affairs and unravels their meaning is akin to nature and its powerful ability to weather a storm and regenerate.

Within one particular song, Ali appears to use a new relationship as an ode to a past love, whereby he speaks about progressing forwards with his new love who journeys with him through the island - his homeland.

The depth of his music and his lilting voice encapsulates his story within it with poignancy. And the twang of subtle notes draws the listener’s attention to the emotion behind his story. An interesting scene is set in the song ‘Another girl’ as Ali in his ode to his past love seems to be talking about his new girl and their adventures on the island and this seems to be reflected in the emotional tussle he is feeling about his two loves although it is open to interpretation of course.

The beauty about it is that the message is not definitive but rather subjective and the listener can explore it for themselves. A great space for indulging ones senses and finding different interpretations of one’s loves and losses with an addictive quality that keeps you coming back for more like some sort of therapeutic resolve.

Other songs incorporate elements which are similar and the style is consistent throughout, promising endless listening potential! A beautiful melodious musical backdrop that makes listening really enjoyable. A delightful album.

Lucy Hayward

Find out more and contact Ali to buy the album.


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