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Ronan Furlong: The King of Leaves burns bright

Ronan Furlong....The King of Leaves, 2020 and Ataraxia, 2021

Ronan Furlong’s music is like finding a chest of emeralds shining from the Emerald Isle itself, and a glint from this treasure caught the attention of the Music Eye…

County Wexfords's electric powerhouse weaves a rich tapestry of original songs with warm, dynamic vocals set against intricate flowing layers of acoustic guitar with a Spanish influence or with punchy rock guitar infused with celtic fire.

It's a heady mix with timeless lyrics and songs that tell the story of us, bringing Ronan's celtic roots to the fore combined with mystical stories from classical mythology and beyond…

It’s a true progression of timeless tales melded with the art of a talented accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

This is the acoustic version of King of Leaves, but be sure to follow the link to the electric album version too:

King of Leaves Album version

Ronan sings and plays from the heart with sparkling acoustic guitar that can take you from green and gentle hillsides to whispering woodlands where a fire is built and then roars into life with powerful electric riffs before shooting to the stars on inspiring electric guitar solos.

Years ago another Irish band, Horslips melded Irish mythology with rock guitar and celtic jigs but Ronan has gone far beyond to meld something quite special.

Following the November 2020 album “The King of Leaves”, Ronan’s new album Ataraxia will be released on 24th September 2021 and look forward to reviewing it.

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and hear all his music on spotify:

Chris Watson, Music Eye, 2021

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