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Sara Vian: The Silver Lining

"Musician on a Mission" - Live performance and Interview on 4th July 2020

Music Eye's Musician on a Mission feature on this smokey voiced singer/songwriter covered her earlier work but new songs have been written and not least her new single which is an evocative journey through the Lockdown illustrating the silver lining on the grey cloud of the pandemic and a new positive future that is emerging...

Her new single, "The Great Pause" will be soft-launched on Bandcamp on 7th August (as they're waiving their fee to help struggling musicians) and Music Eye will feature it then. Join the Facebook event to get a reminder.

In the meantime, this is a musician who has something to say and from which we can all learn; and an interview with Music Eye at the Visual Radio Arts studio on Independence Day revealed some very interesting adventures, achievements, current projects and hopes for the future...

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