Sarah Curtis: beautiful songs delivered with the voice of an angel

Sarah Curtis @ The Cloisters, The Bennett Centre, Frome, 23rd February 2020

Sarah Curtis has the sort of voice that you would expect of an angel, with a range of feel good notes and frequencies that brings pleasure and raises emotions that are personal to all of us; it is a voice that can evoke the sun dappled glades of a summer forest, the clear air of the mountains, the purest water of cascading mountain streams or peaceful velvety starlit skies with a pale moon glow....

Her song "A Thousand Miles" , featured in full on the video, was inspired by the 14th century Persian Sufi poet Hafiz , a mystical song that encapsulates the feelings and plucks at the hearts of those souls who tread the path of yearning...and unlike the Proclaimer's 500 miles would probably walk 1000 was fortunate for Music Eye to capture the live dynamic of her singing....

Sarah is a contemporary folk singer/songwriter from Wells, Somerset, part of the magic triangle of ancient Somerset towns around Glastonbury and she writes beautiful songs, which are sung beautifully... Yes, we can get pleasure from heavy metal chords, psychedelic guitar solos, blues guitar, jazz saxophone, echoey dub and the rest, but it is the power of the purest instrument, the voice, which aeons ago first echoed the feelings we could not express, evoked our dreams and took us beyond the horizon...

Sarah plays harp, guitar and piano, and on this occasion played a harp instrumental that took us back to ancient times with tones that could soothe the brow of the of hardest of warriors.....

Sarah released her Talking Angel album in 2019 - click bandcamp to listen

See more on Facebook click Sarah Curtis Music

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