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Sarah Larkham's Heavenly EP!

Forget Nashville, this is Southville! A happenin’ suburb of Bristol where [country] folk singer/songwriter, Sarah Larkham just launched “Heavenly”, a triumphant 7-track “EP” to a sold-out cabaret-style room at the Hen and Chicken.

“Heavenly” is a simply acoustic autobiography produced by Matt Sampson (Bink Bonk Studios) with clever lyrics and great chord changes, showcasing accomplished guitar-playing with a honeyed voice singing eye-wateringly honest songs of pain, loss, acceptance and triumph including a lost record deal and treasured father along the way.

After losing my own sister in a car crash, I coined the phrase “when the heart breaks, it’s magic can come out” and the title track “Heavenly” particularly illustrates this – a beautifully, melancholic song with authentically raw and soulful vocals as brilliant as any of the folk legends back in the 60s. It also reminds me of “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton (1975) and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

Watch the video which has had nearly 25,000 views here.

We’d also recommend listening to the whole EP before buying it (for Christmas presents!) at Bandcamp and watch out for her on the circuit. She’d be well placed in cosy venues with hot drinks, nourishing food [and real fires] during the winter – a real tonic to warm the heart and make you feel heavenly.

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