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Songwriting showcase sparkles in deepest Somerset

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Chris Difford's Songwriting Retreat Showcase, East Pennard Church, 20th June 2019

Written by Chris Watson

Music Eye was asked to cover this event by local singer/songwriter Andrew Hewitt and although a free public event, it felt very special with an added sparkle.

A packed church audience enjoyed some exceptional singing, a showcase of new songs from the retreat, superlative sound mixing and some notable musicians from the UK and US.

Chris Difford (Squeeze) introduced the evening following his week long Songwriting Retreat at Pennard House sponsored by the Buddy Holly Education Foundation. The event was hosted by BBC's Mike Reid, who replaced BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris due to ill health.

It was a beautiful, happy evening and Chris Difford was right, it was a sacred place. Although restricted, I was able to take some clips of the event and hope I captured the atmosphere...

Thank you Andrew - glad I didn't miss it, also thanks to singer /songwriter Robert Vincent, a fellow northerner, who took time to brush dust off my velvet jacket and also man about town, guitarist Al Cosnett for his great welcome every time I see him....

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