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Soothed by the Bass of the Moonlit Poachers

The Moonlit Poachers, the King Arthur, Glastonbury, 25th Jan 2019

Written by Chris Watson

It was a moonlit night and very cold as I headed for the bright lights of the King Arthur where The Moonlit Poachers gave a couple of sets of soulful folk rock with all original songs. Little did I know that I would find a new icon "The Bass of Taz"..explained below.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Paul McBeth, who, despite the famous name did not cast any bad luck on this particular stage, the Band played new songs as well as songs from their Album, "Deep Down in the Well" (Dec 2017), glowingly reviewed as "rustic soul" by RnR magazine.

The performance was enhanced by the wonderfully deep, warm and comforting Bass tone conjured up by Taz Mains throughout. With Paul McBeth and Irene Cooper on vocals, songwriter Frank Swindells on guitar and violin and James Sayer on drums, the Band took us into their well of warmth to fend off the chills of a January night.....

Please use good headphones or good speakers to feel "the Bass of Taz" , which actually sounds like a new mythical icon which is very apt for Glastonbury....

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