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Strange Folk: a bewitching brew....

Strange Folk @ The Hawthorns, Glastonbury, 26th October 20 9

The Hawthorns was dressed for the part creating a Halloween atmosphere that attracted a macabre audience who danced the night through to a band that, to me, has that quality of folk rock songs that evokes roaring village fires , deep woodlands, mists, autumn colours, and ancient warriors.... a potion that stirs my heart.

Strange Folk melded into the spirit and created a bewitching evening. I like folk rock music, especially when delivered with inventive rock guitar and even better with the clear and powerful vocals, from Annalise, that can bring those "je ne sai quoi" feelings down your spine. With their uplifting original songs dominating, the band showed their flexibility with two or three excellent covers with their own special arrangement.

Of course, the venue is an intimate space and its difficult to squeeze a clear view, but people were enjoying the dynamic and a unique live moment, although I was standing behind a couple of long gone skeletons....

You can see Strange Folk streamed Live on Facebook on 9th November 2019 at Visual Radio Arts, Soundcheck studio.

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