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Strange Folk: an exciting potion......

Strange Folk - Hollow - Part one, EP

Strange Folk’s “Hollow” imitation “vinyl” EP immediately reels you in with a seductively wicked descending riff from guitarist, David Setterfield combined with the significant vocals of true rock-goddess, Annalise Spurr, whose rich, fluid and powerful voice reflects the mystery of her Armenian heritage - a mountainous ancient centre of civilization, overlooked by the epic Mount Ararat, where it is believed that Noah's Ark came to rest...

I am transported into their hauntingly beautiful gothic dark world where black crows and ravens swoop and squawk through misty woodlands on a full moon night thick with the presence of Great Spirit in the air… a potion that excites and stirs the depths of lost and longing souls who seek out the magic and connection of times gone past.

The band is currently split between Somerset and Hertfordshire, and not surprisingly play Glastonbury regularly, and Music Eye captured them on Halloween in the Hawthorns. We do hope to have them at the Bennett Centre, Frome in early 2020 and they also recently featured on Visual Radio Arts, Soundcheck..

For fans of: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ofra Haza, Blind Melon, Fairport Convention, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, System of a Down.....

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