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Sue Harding - Darkling

I can just see Mariella Frostrup reviewing this album on Sky Arts, summing it up as “a perfectly crafted production”…

Sue Harding honed twelve new songs during Lockdown, riding on the zeitgeist of being more in touch with the English landscape and the hope of the darkling thrush. Her voice is like silvery moonlight which captivates and takes you on a journey into her world, hovering between myth and the beautiful pain of reality; drifting down the cobbled streets of Clovelly before immersing in the cool, gentle waves of Leonard Cohen’s sunny Hydra and then on to a mystical birchwood on a dark, still night.

Her dreams and longings are expressed with clear, poetic and profound lyrics; a pure listening experience which is fantastic for a car stereo as it soothes and relaxes. Not as Americana as her debut album, Flight, but a more traditional style of folk this time which echoes classic romanticism as she meets Sir Lancelot for coffee and cake in Catherine Street, Frome.

Sue’s vocal range and accomplished guitar are lifted to a higher place by Josh Clarke’s sensitive enhancements in just the right places including some haunting cello from well-known Beth Porter and shimmery orchestral swells.

Listen, buy and love the album at Bandcamp

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