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Sweet Machine: Starship Enterprise with synth pop overdrive...

Sweet Machine @ The Bennett Centre, Frome, 10th January 2020

Following on from our post on Bristol's synth pop band Mesh, who are big in Germany, it was the turn of Frome's own synth pop outfit, Sweet Machine to rock the gothic vaults of Frome's newest venue with catchy songs where a full house danced to the bands twin synthesisers, almost emulating the bridge of Starship Enterprise; with dual vocalists, an ace base and psychedelic effects to glam the night to a higher plain.

On 25th July 2020, Sweet Machine also head for Europe when they play the Riverside Festival in Chateau Gontier, France, where "oeil de la musique" hope to film them again....

see more: Facebook page @sweetmachineuk

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