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Sylvette: sonic splendour of the new

Sylvette - Stiller than Still - album released 17th July 2020

Sylvette was the name of a young woman who inspired Picasso to depict her over forty times with an indefinable something he needed to capture. And as with her, so with the band of the same name who hail from that Great Northern City which has brought us so much groundbreaking music – Manchester.

We first discovered Sylvette in early 2019, playing at a packed Hawthorns Hotel during the Glastonbury Calling festival where they stood out from the crowd with well-crafted “art rock” imbued with great presence and passion; a flamboyant band who involve you in their drama, fronted by Charlie Sinclair.

With their new album “Stiller than Still” recently released, they have also just released their single, "Kelpius", which has had global airplay and is backed by BBC Radio 6 and Q Magazine; and after immediately spotting their potential, we have also played several of their songs on Music Eye Radio since late 2019.

The start of "Kelpius" really makes an impression with somehow memorable chords that gather into a soundrush that repeats in the mind and their next single, “Memories”, literally does have a memorable start with a chunky riff which draws you in to inhabit a world of intricate composition with catchy hooks framing lyrics which almost remind of early “Yes” without the over-extended epic progressions!

Music is an art form that touches our lives and Sylvette catch that same inspiration which moved Picasso to paint the ponytail of a young woman whose face "launched a thousand French pony tails"; also quoted as saying that "Youth has no age"… and music such as Sylvette's also captures that timelessness.

see more: and Facebook page @sylvetteband

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