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Take a peek into the Mediaeval Moogiverse

Mediaeval Moogiverse, The King Arthur, Glastonbury, 23rd October 2019

This was an unusual night with the creation of an experimental Mediaeval Moogiverse enveloping a packed King Arthur audience buzzing with anticipation and actually seated to listen to other worldly sounds.

Featuring the illustrious Katharine Blake of 'Miranda Sex Garden' and the 'Mediaeval Baebes' on voice, recorder and violin. Jenny Bliss, an early music virtuoso, multi instrumentalist and ethereal singer and Ollie Parfitt, moog player from The Herbaliser and Circulus, and a solar system of supporting musicians.

The Music Eye video montage with clips selected by Jenny Bliss range from Mediaeval, to Hungarian, to spiritual, to Middle East and Baroque; all underlined by the psychedelia of the Moog soaring and bubbling - an experience that Jenny will be continuing with Katharine in 2020.....

Mediaeval is the original British spelling of the word..

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