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Talk in Code: new single "Talk like That"

Released 27th February 2020

TALK LIKE THAT is the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP to be released later this year. Recorded and mixed at Studio 91 in Newbury and tells a story of ‘the chase’ and a feeling of longing set to a pounding soundscape.

It's a while since I reviewed this Swindon band’s album and their new single is unmistakably their sound with a guitar and vocal style I can easily identify.

As was said in our previous "Resolve" album review on this website (search for Talk in Code), they are like a fresh breeze blowing across the Wiltshire Downs; and they still are with a beautifully produced soundscape of billowing layers that will take you out of your bedroom and onto a sunny, green Wiltshire hill.

But, as it easily falls into the Indie "Dream Pop" bed, you could be happy listening to this under your duvet too. This band will continue to blow through the windmills of your mind.

With over 15 festival appearances all over the UK during the summer of 2019, most notably opening the main stage for Years & Years at MFOR Festival and playing the main stage before Scouting For Girls at Wychwood Festival, Talk In Code will be heading out on a string of festival dates in summer 2020 including Minety Festival, Daxtonbury and many more.

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