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Tamsin Quin: a sparkle from the Wiltshire Downs

Tamsin Quin - Gypsy Blood (2018)

I first came across Tamsin Quin at the Boathouse in Bradford on Avon on a dull Sunday afternoon in early 2019, but the sparkling persona of this Wiltshire "Folk Pixie" (quote from Bandcamp) brought the sun out with optimistic original songs, a silky "country" voice and confident smile to win audiences.

I saw Tamsin again in September 2019 at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, and was impressed by her self-possession and oneness with the guitar, singing soulful songs with a country-folk feel and catchy hooks.

"Searching", “We are Home", "Fearless", "Upwards for me" and "Jennifer" are all upbeat tales of everyday life, romance and relationships but then “Seventeen” has a change of tack with its theme of unfulfilled lives that never really got started, trapped in a rut of despair and despondency which needs the hope and encouragement we all need to break free and start again. A theme I am sure many of us can relate to.

“Gypsy Blood” then returns to the theme of relationships and settling down along with the introduction of cello to pluck the heartstrings before morphing into the theme of escape in the last track, "Leaving in the Night", evoking heartbreak with three chords and the truth, in true country-style!

But Tamsin overcomes and her story continues with new songs released this year - "Heart of Nashville", "Home Planet" and "Scandal" (featured above) – the latter of which has also been released as a single - a strong song with edge that I think brings the best out of her.

Find out more:

Facebook: @TamsinQuinMusic


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