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The Bristol Sound echoing across the World...

reported by Chris Watson and Sara Vian

Presentation given at the Bristol Music Industry Network, Colston Hall, 5th June 2019

The "Bristol Sound" story as told by Peter D Rose, his own beginnings and his work with Smith and Mighty and Massive Attack in the late 80's early 90's; Peter covers its impact and influence in the UK and the World, and how it is "big in Japan" ( Japan even has a shop dedicated to Bristol Music!)

Incidentally, also present was World renowned "journaliste itinerante" Melissa Chemam (BBC World Service) who is author of a book on Bristol's Music and Art scene, and Massive Attack's significance....."Massive Attack: Out of the Comfort Zone", Tangent Books, 2019

House, Trip Hop and Jungle are "defined" by pioneer, Peter and why Drum machines are revered...

Peter's love and enthusiasm for the music shines through, although he has a warning about record deals that can be restrictive....( there is a phrase in the business, "its all gone a bit ".... ....")

The Music Eye team were privileged to film this presentation on the spur of the moment as Peter's own videographer couldn't make it....luckily we were primed and ready...........Mighty heroes

Note that The video has been edited and "redacted" down to 32 minutes....

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