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The Butterfly Wheel; a sound from the mists of time

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The Butterfly Wheel - Wisdom's Waters, 2018

Following a chance encounter at October 2019's Frome Music Industry Network, I was swept into the realm of The Butterfly Wheel, a band hovering between Frome and London....I was told the sound was influenced by 60's psychedelia and after several plays of their EP, Wisdom's Waters, whilst driving in the dusk or late night, I find it brings new imaginings, thoughts and feelings each time I play it; maybe the music changes with my emotions...powerful stuff.

The duo, Moon Child and Alice Ancient, use keyboards to great effect with basic drum, and occasional guitar and violin, although it is the voice of Alice Ancient that strikes you with a depth that penetrates your bones and your being.

It is the voice of a High Priestess invoking memories of the mists of Celtic sacred places, the echoing temples of the Pharaohs, mystical caves of the pagans,rituals of vanished ancient civilisations and the choral beauty of Cathedrals. It is a voice that dominates and commands, sometimes disturbing and then softens to manipulate a calm acceptance. It is backed up throughout by the powerful, deep, unsettling and insistent boom of a ritual drum...the myths of the past and the deep yearnings of the soul are very near....all four tracks "Flame", "City", "Love and Psyche" and "Sophia" have their own individual mystical qualities that enfold you into their space.

Alice's voice is reminiscent of Jim Morrison within the deep dark background ambience that the Doors developed way back; I find the sound of The Butterfly Wheel timeless and refreshing.....

The keyboards bring in the psychedelic element of the music echoing deep space and time, then mixed with uplifting organ and choral voices taking you to a higher plain.

The music is spiritual and startling with a mesmeric beauty and in the right venues, it will bring in a listening audience to bask in this other worldly music and the siren calling voice of Alice....this music is an experience that I will keep playing

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