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The Fox at Box!

Sannie Fox @ Box Rocks, the Queen's Head, Box, 26th August 2019

It was a hot day but Sannie Fox was cool and lassoed me into her world of “desert blues” although she must have blown my mind because she appeared to be more “psychedelic blues” from where I was standing!

Her powerfully commanding voice and songs with attitude were uniquely enhanced by her bluesy guitar, reminiscent of Hendrix, but with her own special style and effects that kept you wanting more. You could see the feeling on her face and feel it with every note; her soaring voice was somewhere between the mid-west and the middle east, although a native of South Africa.

Sannie Fox already has three acclaimed albums and a raft of Youtube videos to savour including

the following two video's "Black Winds" and "Wuthering Heights"where, strangely, she is wearing a pendant with a "music eye"…!

Find out more at:

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