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The Great Pause... The Great Vision!

The natural tendency for Sara Vian’s voice to waver across a spectrum of deep and rich notes creates a powerful backdrop to this forward-thinking song; her liquid vocals add velvety allure, coaxing the listener to partake in the underlying message.

As she succeeds to get the audience to accompany her on her vocal rendition, Sara Vian recounts a series of recent events concerning the covid-19 crisis, creating space for the listener to reminisce on some of the darker times; her sultry chords a catalyst for atmosphere and mood.

The harmonious singing and melodious guitar intertwine to compliment the lyrics and together, they are pitched at a perfectly lilting pace for the audience to engage with Sara Vian on her story-telling journey as she charts them through the crisis.

The key to the genius of the song is the alternative postulation of events proposed throughout the latter verses, which include the idea that the crisis is actually a template for profound solace and peace as people reacquaint with nature and grass-roots activities; suggesting ‘’baking a cake or singing a song’’ as ways for people to convert their anxiety into positivity.

It's a very engaging piece, with a lot of thought-provoking material - a delight for the peaceful warrior and probably appealing to a liberal, arty audience, who by nature typically subscribe to the notion of healing as a vehicle for change and moving forwards.

The inherent message of there being some divine intervention, ‘’The Great Pause! The Great Awakening!’’ plays on this idea as it challenges the normal status quo, bringing forth the idea that there was a need for an interruption to the “norm” and although open to the idea of spirituality, the song’s connotations aren’t forced upon the listener but the idea of there being a Greater Good at work with the hopeful possibility of change and healing is implicit in the song and integral to the Great Vision put forward by this profound singer/songwriter, Sara Vian.

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