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The Jane Allison Band: heading out your way....

The Jane Allison Band @ The Beehive, Swindon, 6th February 2020

It was an inky, outer space like journey down the inter-galactic M4 to the heart of Swindon which seems to have a spaceport landing strip right next to a "galaxian" Nando's only yards from the throbbing Beehive pub, which is a regular live music venue in the centre of town....

That night's "acoustic buzz" was soon underway, warming the atmosphere with a natural background hubub, and stellar sound production for the first live appearance of Jane's band.

With a set of well-crafted Americana songs from Jane's first two albums "Just another Girl" and "Methylene Blue" plus the forthcoming single "Like Magdelene", the Bath based band launched us into the night and to their world...

We reviewed Jane's first two albums at:

and for more about Jane Allison's music see:

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