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The Pilton Stage 2020: Battle for a place at Glastonbury Festival pt 4

The Pilton Stage 2020, Heat 4, 25th January 2020

The mists swirled around the Somerset towns, but they were dispelled by a host of Alternative/Indie Rock bands heading from around the UK to Pilton to compete for a place at the Glastonbury Festival 2020.

The guitars and synths of Victors, from Leeds; Stealing Signs on the run from Essex; rolling down from Congleton in Cheshire's Peak District were Carpet; the Calvalcade marching in from East London; the Skapones, a 9-strong ska band invading from the North East and the Filthy Casuals strolled in from Gloucester. Another great night with talented bands showcasing their original songs. Stealing Signs won the day, but again, they all won because we know about them...these sort of competitions are manna for new bands making the journey in a difficult business and we hope to see many more competitions springing up..and we look forward to capturing them live...

Great thanks to Neil Templar of the The Pilton Stage and the support of Michael Eavis and the Pilton village

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Facebook: @victorsofficial; @stealingsigns; @carpetbandcong; @CavalcadeBand or ; @theskapones or ; @thefilthycasuals2017 or

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