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The Pilton Stage: Battle for a place at Glastonbury Festival Pt 3

The Pilton Stage 2020 Heat 3, 4th January 2020

Heat 3 of this competition fired up a dark January night down Pilton way with six bands and a diversity of sounds.

The Strays won this heat with their accomplished punky rock and powerful vocals, but great performances from all the bands...feisty and catchy indie rock from Sour Punch with a "spritely" drummer, exuberant and entertaining rapping/hippety hop from Bristol's The Scribes, ska punk from Lead Shot Hazard with a lively brass section who abandoned the stage and came up close and personal with the audience at one point, Little Dave took us to the heyday of Rock 'n Roll and sparky songs from the indie rock engine room with the boiler suited Exclamation Marks.......another great night.

Music Eye is about finding emerging talent and The Pilton Stage is ideal....masterminded and hosted by Neil Templar, this year, 30 emerging bands were selected out of 1000 entries from the UK and Europe to compete in five Heats for a place at the Glastonbury Festival 2020.

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